Monday, August 07, 2006

So What!

So what if eyes shy away from its dazzling brightness,
Does the Sun stop shining down on us?
So what if Fire simply burns them alive,
Do the Fireflies stop going near its fiery tongues?
So what if you don’t want anything to do with me,
Does my heart shove you away from its expanse?

My head will always want to lie on your shoulders,
So what if you can find no room for my head there?
My hands will always want to hold you tight,
So what if you find the grip, a bit too tight?
My life will always be entwined with yours,
So what if you can’t be around for me forever?

So what if you don’t want my romance,
So what if you don’t want my warmth,
So what if you don’t want my feelings,
I’ll never let you know these even exist.
Only, don’t tell me to erase you out of my life,
‘Coz then, I’ll cease to exist.

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