Monday, December 03, 2007

The Cage

“Phew! What a life!!” mutters the worker,
Imprisoned by the cart he drags.
His burden is not jus the few sacks,
It is the burden of supporting,
It is the burden of surviving.

“Oh man! What a life” mutters the millionaire,
Imprisoned by the suit he wears.
His worry is not just to look good,
It is the worry of remaining at the top.
It is the worry of growing higher.

“Chirp! You call this a life??!!!” mutters the bird,
Imprisoned in the cage she is kept.
Her bane is not just reading other’s fortune,
It is the bane of not flying high like her friends.
It is the bane of not reaching the sky with her wings.

Imprisoned we all are, within our own lives.
Bound by duties, tied by constraints.
From our prison cell, we gaze at the sky,
Hoping that one day, we too will fly high.
Hoping that one day, freedom will come by.

1 comment:

  1. "Four walls not a prison make,
    nor bars make a cage,
    mind in its own place can make,
    Hell out of heaven and heaven out of hell."

    Hey Yamini, this is Anty your old time school pal. Chanced this page. Good one!