Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Wait

Wandering through the forest of Life,
I stumbled upon a rocky hill.
Standing tall, it seemed elusive,
Yet beckoned me, nearer still.

Near I went, explore it I did, rock by rock,
Hard and rough it was, toughest ever.
Still, beneath this toughness I could discern,
A tender interior, soft as a feather.

To reach that core, to feel its softness,
Became my life’s ambition.
So I did, with all my patience and hope,
Pursue this impossible mission.

Perseverance pays, they say, and pay it did,
When finally I discovered a gap between the rocks.
Through the opening I crept inside and,
Reached my goal dispelling all the blocks.

Here I am, in the soft earth at the core,
Burying a seed, the seed of love.
Tending it with care, manuring with affection,
And giving it the warmth of the sun above.

And now I wait, for the sapling to emerge,
A testimony of love and patience.
Emerge it will one day, and grow into a tree,
And in its shade I’ll sleep, in pure bliss.

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