Wednesday, September 08, 2010

From My Mom’s Womb

Lying crouched in the darkness here

I hear the sounds of my mother’s self.

I hear her stommy digesting food,

From which the energy I will derive.

I hear her heart go lub-dup-lub,

The gentle lullaby just for me.

I hear her voice loud and clear,

Sometimes joking sometimes crying.

I hear it when she calls out to me,

Imploring me to come out soon n fine.

I tell her I will by touching the wall,

At which she laughs and chides me lovingly.

I wonder how her face would look though,

I hear her complain to dad that she’s plumpy now.

Whatever the looks I know the beauty,

Of her special smile will always be for me.

Coz can there be anything more beautiful,

Than the nectarine love of my mom?

I hear my dad’s voice from near the womb,

Soft like the roses from God’s garden.

Calling me “Papa… Papa…”

As his love flows through those words like honey.

I am sure my Daddy is cute,

And will be my first best friend on earth.

I can’t wait to get into his arms,

And have the life full of fun the way he narrates it.

Mom and dad, granny, grandpa, loads of others,

All waiting for me to emerge from this womb.

I wonder how it will be out there in the world,

Outside this safe haven of motherly protection.

But however it is, I trust my mom’s smile, and my dad’s hug,

Will always shelter me from badness and hurt.

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